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Presented by Premier Boxing Champions
Saturday, March 4 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn

BROOKLYN (January 18, 2017) - Undefeated welterweight world champions Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman hosted a press conference in Brooklyn Wednesday to discuss their primetime showdown that headlines SHOWTIME CHAMPION CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING on CBS, presented by Premier Boxing Champions, Saturday, March 4 from Barclays Center in Brooklyn.
The broadcast, which will air live from 9-11 p.m. ET/6-8 p.m. PT, is just the second primetime boxing presentation on the CBS Television Network in nearly 40 years. 
Tickets for the live event, which is promoted by DiBella Entertainment, are priced at $750, $500, $400, $300, $150, $100, and $50 and are on sale now. Tickets can be purchased online by visiting, or by calling 1-800-745-3000. Tickets are also available at the American Express Box Office at Barclays Center. Group discounts are available by calling 844-BKLYN-GP.
Thurman and Garcia were joined by their trainers at the press conference Wednesday afternoon at Barclays Center. Here is what the participants had to say:
"It's a pleasure to be here again. This is where it's at. I get the most love out here, since the first time I ever fought here. The fans in New York make me feel like I've made it.
"This fight March 4 has two undefeated champions. Two of the best welterweights going toe-to-toe. Someone's '0' has to go.
"I'm blessed to get this fight because I've been asking for it. I'm looking forward to it. We're working hard down in Florida. You don't want to miss this fight.
"This fight is going to have action. There's too much on the line. I remember Danny from the amateurs. I applaud him for everything he's done in this career. He signed the wrong contract though, because Keith Thurman's got this. Danny Garcia, you're getting knocked out.
"At the end of the day it's your actions that speak louder than words. We will make our statement on March 4. You will know after that night, who the champion truly is.
"Angel will talk to try to get people off of their game. Danny is an elite fighter, and he can talk for himself. These father trainers seem to like the limelight as much as the fighter, if not more. At the end of the day, I'm only fighting Danny Garcia.
"Danny Garcia has some power. He has enough, even compared to me. But if you look at a lot of his fights, he knocked guys down. But they got back up. There is a difference between knockdown and knockout power.
"He's dangerous but we believe I'm more dangerous. He hasn't fought a true welterweight with punching power. I believe I'll be the last man standing on March 4.
"We'll see what kind of camp he has. If he works hard, then he'll be geared up for a tough fight. A fighter's performance is based off of training camp, not any past fights.
"He's a champion and I'm a champion. You will see the results on March 4. I'm eager to unify these titles and this should be an exciting fight."
"You know I'm already in shape. I've been active and in the gym getting ready. I feel great. Come March 4, I'm going to be the unified champion again.
"This is nothing new to me. I've been the underdog in a unification fight. At the end of the day, Angel and I, we're going to come out with a great game plan and get the victory. I will have my hand raised at the end of the night.
"I just had to tell Keith to be careful what he wished for. He wanted this fight, but now that he's got it, you have to deal with me.
"I'm going to take this one round at a time to get the victory. If the knockout comes, it comes. I'm not going out of my element. I'm going to do what I do best.
"We're definitely going to work the body. But we'll work the head too, wherever we can hit him. We're just working smart and hard in camp. Nothing is changing from past camps. We're going to put in work.
"I'm excited to fight on CBS. The fans deserve fights to be on free television so that everyone can watch it. I'm excited to unify titles in another division.
"At the end of the day he's a world champion and you have to respect that. He's nothing I haven't seen before. I've been fighting people like him since I was a little kid in Philadelphia. I've been boxing my whole life for this moment. I just have to go in there and make sure I'm ready mentally and physically.
"I just have to have tunnel vision on fight night. I'm going to show composure during every round and keep the momentum going my way. If it switches a little bit, then I'll make adjustments and adapt like a true champion. I'll be prepared like I always am.
"I feel very comfortable at Barclays Center. It's like another day in the gym with me in here. It's a fantastic atmosphere. This is the best place in the world to fight and I'm happy to be back.
"I hope everyone comes out to Barclays Center on fight night. I know there are a lot of Puerto Ricans in New York and I hope they're here to support. Barclays Center is my home away from home.
"I just want to make sure I'm mentally and physically ready. If I'm ready, nobody can stop me. We're going to do what we always do. Put the hard work in, talk a little trash and back it up."
DAN BIRMINGHAM, Thurman's Trainer
"Were here. We're going to be ready. We're focused on Danny Garcia. Keith Thurman will be the victor that night and stake his claim as the best in the division.
"Danny Garcia is a very good fighter. He's like a mirror image of Keith Thurman. He boxes well, punches well and has good defense. But he's facing a kind of fighter that he's never faced before. Keith Thurman is the most talented welterweight in the world.
"Keith will bring the strength. He's not a built-up welterweight. He comes down to make welterweight from about 170 pounds so we expect size to be an advantage."
ANGEL GARCIA, Garcia's Father & Trainer
"Danny was the first man to headline here. Danny holds the attendance record at this venue. We knew Brooklyn was where we wanted to have this fight.
"It doesn't take a genius to figure out where this fight should be. I love this venue and it's been great to Danny every time he fights here.
"March 4 you will see the champion of the world, Danny Garcia, become a unified champion. Danny is a great fighter and he won't be beat.
"We're not the underdog here. Danny is the undefeated champion of the world. Thurman is in for a long night. Believe me.
"Thurman is a good fighter and he's been around for a long time like Danny. I respect him, but they made him a champion. Danny became a champion, and there is a difference. Danny is a true champion. March 4 he will still be undefeated. Thurman won't have an answer for Danny."
LOU DIBELLA, President of DiBella Entertainment
"On the heels of what was a tremendous fight card this Saturday night in this great arena, it's great to be able to say that it doesn't get any better than this fight.
"Thurman vs. Garcia is the best against the best, which is really what we have to do to elevate our sport to the sport of kings like it once was. We have two kings sitting at this table
"It's a privilege to promote another great PBC card and at Barclays Center in my hometown. Say what you will about what is the cathedral of boxing in the U.S., but I'll take this building over just about any venue in the world. They have a great commitment to the sport.
"In an era where some people think that PPV is a good thing, it's incredibly important that a fight of this magnitude is on broadcast television. These two champions have the opportunity to do their thing in front of a huge audience. It's great for boxing.
"We're very proud that 80 percent of the seats in the building are available for between $150 and $49. We want this to be accessible to all boxing fans. That's a tribute to everyone involved in this event and to serve all these great fans."
BRETT YORMARK, CEO of Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
"Brooklyn Boxing is defined by 50-50 fights, dramatic moments and a regular schedule of big-time boxing events. Last Saturday night was a great start to our 2017 lineup. Every fan left wanting more, and they will get more, on March 4.
"We're talking about world class championship boxing at its best. March 4 will be that, and more. This is the best welterweight fight of the year, with two spectacular undefeated fighters.
"We are honored to host the welterweight world title unification showdown between Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia. We expect to host the biggest fight night crowd ever at Barclays Center.
"Thousands of tickets have been sold for this fight and we are gaining incredible momentum. I'm looking forward to a great night on March 4. Buy your tickets now. This is going to be one of those moments at Barclays Center that you need to circle on your calendar."
STEPHEN ESPINOZA, Executive VP & General Manager, SHOWTIME Sports
"This is truly an event that doesn't need to be sold. I am here to share that this fight will be the second installment of SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING on CBS. The obvious question is why? It's because this fight merits it. As we saw on Saturday, when the best fight the best, the results are often spectacular.
"It's not a surprise that we get impressive results when elite fighters take on other elite fighters. Special things happen. New fans are created and rivalries are born.
"Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman are the two best welterweight in the world. End of story. They will fight on March 4, it will be a huge audience here at Barclays and on CBS and it will be a special night."

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Carl Frampton Media Workout Quotes & Photos

Irish Star & Undefeated Prospect Josh Taylor 
Prepare for Saturday, January 28 Showdowns at 
MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (January 17, 2017) - Undefeated featherweight world champion Carl Frampton hosted media at his training camp in Las Vegas Tuesday ahead of his highly anticipated rematch with former three-division world champion Leo Santa Cruz on Saturday, January 28 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena and live on SHOWTIME.
Televised coverage begins at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT with undefeated lightweight world champion Dejan Zlaticanin battling former two-division world champion Mikey Garcia.
Frampton was joined by undefeated prospect Josh Taylor; who's 10-round super
lightweight contest is set to be featured as part of bonus coverage on SHOWTIME
EXTREME at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
Here is what the participants had to say Tuesday from Porter Hy-Performance Center in Las Vegas:
"This camp has been even better than the last one. I had a few problems with my hand during the last training camp but this camp has been brilliant. I've been able to put a lot of effort into every session.
"I'm hungry to prove that this wasn't a fluke. I see some people talking on the internet that I got lucky last time or that Leo would have won with his father in camp the whole time. But I believe there is a lot more to come for me. I've been performing better this camp than ever before. I think I win this fight more convincingly.
"I think Leo is a confidence fighter. I think his pride has made him go straight back to the deep end again. He's always been bigger than his opponents. At both bantamweight and super bantamweight he was bigger. Even though Leo is taller than me, I'm the bigger man. On fight night I'll be heavier and stronger than him. He's been able to bully opponents and wear them out, but he can't do that to me. I think he's making a big mistake jumping right back in.
"I got drawn in to Leo's type of fight last time, which made it very exciting. Because of our styles, it's always going to be a good fight. If it's two wins to nil for me, I'd rather move on and fight someone like Lee Selby. I just want to be involved in big fights.
"Obviously, being from where I'm from, fighting in New York was a major appeal, and a lot of guys on the East Coast are attracted to an Irish fighter they haven't seen before. So I got a lot of new support from the East Coast. We brought a lot of people across with us, as well. But now, to be fighting, topping the bill at the MGM in the fight capital of the world, it's something I never really thought about when I was a kid or when I turned professional. I never really believed I could get to this. But it's here, and I'm hoping that it can continue for a long time.
"We're staying at Robert Guerrero's training camp house, which is a big thing for me in itself. We drove past the MGM Grand and saw my face on the side. That was pretty surreal in itself. I just can't wait to soak it up.
"This was a big fight enough in New York, now I think it's going to be like New York on steroids. I can't wait to soak up the atmosphere on fight week, can't wait for all of my fans to get here, I think it's going to be a real carnival atmosphere and people are going to enjoy it."
"Fighting Leo Santa Cruz in the United States, a 3-weight world champion who a lot of people thought was going to beat me and beat me comfortably, that was a big deal. That was the real turning point of my career. And I think there's more to come. I'm 30 in February, but I don't feel any signs of slowing up.
"I genuinely feel like I'm getting better and I think Leo's going to be in for a tough night here. If I can do what I've been doing here in the gym, perform like I've been performing in sparring, I'm hurting sparring partners, knocking sparring partners out. I feel like I'm developing, developing into a proper featherweight and I feel like he's going to be in for a tough night.
"We've got a chef in the house that we're staying at, cooking and preparing our food. We're training at Shawn Porter's gym here. It's a great facility and they're looking after us, Shawn and (Kenny) Porter. It's nothing really to deal with apart from the time difference. I reckon it takes a day for every hour of time difference."
"This is the first time I've been in Las Vegas and I'm definitely a little star struck by the strip and the big buildings. I'm really have a great time though and it's a good experience.
"This is a great setup we have here at the gym and I'm getting a lot of good work here. I've been sparring with former world champion Shawn Porter and Cuba's Yordenis Ugas. I couldn't ask for better work.
"I feel very confident. I'm getting great preparation. It's not every day you get to spar with guys like this, especially with only seven fights under my belt. I'm feeling really good."
SHANE MCGUIGAN, Frampton and Taylor's Trainer
"Training camp has been going really great. Santa Cruz feels like he didn't have his best performance last time but I don't think Carl was at his best either. I think we'll see the same victory this time.
"Carl's confidence is through the roof. He never lacks in that department. He always rises to the occasion. He performs his best when he's out there in front of a huge crowd. Leo Santa Cruz is going to bring out the best of Carl Frampton.
"Fighting in Las Vegas is amazing. This is what Carl has been dreaming about since he was a kid. I've been dreaming about it too. My father was an amazing fighter but this is a new era of massive crowds coming across the globe. It all starts on January 28 and it's going to be a great time."
BARRY MCGUIGAN, Frampton's Manager, Former World Champion and Hall of Famer
"It was definitely Carl's toughest fight but I think Carl is still getting better. I think Carl will win even more convincingly this time, but it's going to be a great fight every time they meet because of the clash of styles.
"Carl has knocked out at least two of his sparring partners in preparation for this. He's looking very strong and he's working very hard.
"Santa Cruz is talking about using his range, but I think that's all smokescreens. Once that bell rings he's going to come straight at Carl and we'll be in for another great fight.
"We had the option to squeeze in a mandatory defense before the end of last year. But we thought it was best to rest and get this big fight in by the end of January."
Carl Frampton vs. Leo Santa Cruz 2 is a world championship rematch of the 2016 Fight of the Year candidate featherweight showdown. The 12-round bout headlines SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING action on Saturday, January 28 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. In the co-main event, lightweight world champion Dejan Zlaticanin will meet former two-division champion Mikey Garcia in the opening bout on SHOWTIME at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.
Featherweight world champion Lee Selby will fight for the second time in the United States when he battles former world champion Jonathan Victor Barros in action on SHOWTIME EXTREME beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT
Tickets for the live event, which is promoted by Ringstar Sports in association with Cyclone Promotions and TGB Promotions, are priced at $504, $404, $304, $204, $104 and $54, and are on sale. Tickets are available at  

Książka Lou Duvy: “Gołota miał talent by zdobyć wszystkie pasy”

Spośród dziewiętnastu mistrzów świata, tylko kilku ma w książce Lou Duvy, napisanej wspólnie z Timem  Smithem, znakomitym dziennikarzem nowojorskim, dziś szefem medialnym Premier Boxing Champions, więcej niż kilkanaście stron. Jest jeden, który nigdy nie był mistrzem świata, ale ma... cały rozdział. Nazywa się Andrzej Gołota. „Lou  głęboko wierzył w to, że ma w Gołocie kogoś tak utalentowanego, że zabierze wszystkim mistrzowskie pasy. Nie jeden pas - wszystkie. Że ma takiego wojownika w ringu, jakim był Evander Holyfield. I zrobił wszystko, żeby Andrzej o każdy z tych tytułów mógł walczyć” – mówi Smith.

- Skąd pomysł stworzenia książki o kimś, o kim, możnaby napisać dziesięć grubych tomów...i ciągle byłoby zbyt mało?

Tim Smith: Do mnie ten pomysł trafił nieco okrężną drogą. Pomysł i początek realizacji należał do legendarnego, już niestety nieżyjącego historyka pięściarstwa Berta Randolpha Sugara, który miał już za sobą książkę z innym z wielkich trenerów, szkoleniowca Muhammada Ali  - Angelo Dundee. Kiedy wiadomo było, że nie będzie w stanie zrealizować projektu z Lou Duvą, poprosił mnie o jego kontynuację. Spotkaliśmy się z Lou, znał mnie z moich dekad związanych z pięściarstwem, porozumienie było natychmiastowe. Problemy zaczęły się później...

- Jakie?

TS: Jak stworzyć jedną książkę z siedemdziesieciu lat w pięściarstwie człowieka o którym możnaby napisać ich dziesięć? Jak wybrać do rozdziałów pieściarzy, którzy najbardziej na to zasługują, skoro Lou wychował dziewiętnastu mistrzów świata?! Wyobrażasz to sobie? Setki historii nie zostało opowiedzianych, choć to, co zostało, łączone jest sprawą przewodnią – jak pracować 24 godziny na dobę i mieć rodzinę? Udało mu się to w niezwykły sposób – wciągnął cała rodzinę w sport, który  tak bardzo kochał. Żona, dzieci – każde z nich było częścią jego życia tak samo jak boks. Gdyby nie ten genialny i szalony pomysł, żona na pewno poszukałaby sobie innego, a dzieci nie wiedziałyby, kim jest ich ojciec. Lou, jak wiesz, najchętniej trenowałby wszystkich. Wiadomo, że wszystkich znał. Jest w książce zdjęcie, kiedy siedzi na walce Francois Botha – Mike Tyson, wspólnie z Jackiem Nicholsonem i nowym prezydentem USA, Donaldem Trumpem. Takich zdjęć są w ksiązki setki, w życiu, tysiące.

- Pośród tych dziewiętnastu mistrzów świata, tylko o kilku w Twojej książce napisanej wspólnie z Lou Duvą więcej niż kilkanaście stron. Jest jeden pięściarz, który nigdy nie był mistrzem świata, ale ma... cały rozdział. Nazywa się Andrzej Gołota.

TS: Nazwisko Andrzeja pojawiło się w naszych nocnych rozmowach po raz pierwszy, kiedy Lou wspominał najbardziej dramatyczne walki w swoim życiu. Na przykład ten moment zamieszek po pierwszej walce Andrzej Gołota – Riddick Bowe. Kiedy powstało to słynne zdjęcie Lou.  Wiesz dobrze o czym myślę - oglądaliśmy dramat na żywo. Lou na noszach, przenoszony nad głowami bijących się ludzi, w pewnym momencie o mało nie spadający na parkiet Madison Square Garden. Zaczęło się od tej historii, póżniej była następna, i następna, i następna o Andrzeju. Okurat na cały rozdział. Chyba najśmieszniejszy... i najsmutniejszy. Dlaczego? Bo głęboko wierzył w to, że ma w Gołocie kogoś tak utalentowanego, że zabierze wszystkim mistrzowskie pasy. Nie jeden pas - wszystkie. Że ma takiego wojownika w ringu, jakim był Evander Holyfield. I zrobił wszystko, żeby Andrzej o każdy z tych tytułów mógł walczyć. Za resztę, te historie Andrzeja, które jeszcze dziś są nie do uwierzenia, już nie mógł odpowiadać. Tylko Andrzej może je wytłumaczyć. Albo nie. Do dziś Gołota jest dla Lou kimś specjalnym i jednocześnie niewytłumaczalnym.

- Czego najbardziej mógł żałować człowiek, który jako trener, osiągnał w życiu wszystko?

TS: Oprócz tego, że Gołota nigdy nie został tym, kim Duva chciałby i wierzył, że będzie – niekwestionowym mistrzem świata wagi ciężkiej – na pewno dwóch rzeczy. Faktu, że nie udało mu się utrzymać rodzinnego biznesu, że rozpadła się potęga – nie tylko rodzinna – jak Main Events. I na pewno tego, że nie był w stanie zatrzymać przed narkotykową samodestrukcją jednego z najlepszych, najbardziej utalentowanych  pięściarzy naszych czasów – Pernella Whitakera.  Do tego stopnia, że nawet po tylu dekadach, Lou ciągle nie mógł o tym mówić. Po prostu nie mógł, zamykał się, kiedy padało nazwisko Whitaera Wszystko inne, chyba jest w książce, którą przyszło nam wspólnie napisać. 

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Heavy-Handed Middleweight Contenders David Lemieux and Curtis Steven to Square Off

Heavy-Handed Middleweight Contenders David Lemieux and Curtis Stevens to Square Off in Can't-Miss Action Slugfest for the NABO Middleweight Title
Saturday, March 11 From Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York
Televised Live on HBO Boxing After Dark®
LOS ANGELES (Jan. 16, 2017) - In a fight that fans have been calling for since the middle of last year, former IBF Middleweight Champion and current NABO Middleweight Champion David Lemieux (36-3, 32 KOs) will go toe-to-toe with Curtis "The Cerebral Assassin" Stevens (29-5, 21 KOs) to battle for Lemieux's NABO title on Saturday, March 11. Scheduled for 12 rounds, though few believe it will go that, Lemieux vs. Stevens will take place at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York and will be televised live on HBO Boxing After Dark beginning at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT.

The Montreal, Canada born-and-bred Lemieux is coming off back-to-back impressive victories including a knockout over perennial contender and Freddie Roach-trained Glen "Jersey Boy" Tapia and a hard-fought unanimous decision win against the always-rugged Argentine fighter Cristian Fabian Rios.

"The time for talking is done, and after many long months of hearing Curtis yell about all the things he's going to do in the ring, I'm really looking forward to shutting his mouth on March 11," Lemieux said. "I've told everyone my goal is to once again become middleweight champion of the world. Curtis is in the way, and I'm going to go right through him."

Stevens, who rose from Brownsville, Brooklyn to become former NABF and now Continental Americas middleweight champion has also won two straight fights, with a thunderous knockout over then-undefeated Patrick Teixeira in May of 2016 followed by a unanimous decision victory over James de la Rosa later in the year.

"The wait is finally over!" said Stevens. "No more talking. My hands will do the talking on March 11."

With both Lemieux and Stevens appearing and convincingly winning on the undercard of the Canelo Alvarez vs. Amir Khan show at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, boxing fans quickly began calling for the two contenders to get together in the ring. Both fighters were happy to oblige, engaging first in a war of words, and now in a war of jabs, hooks and uppercuts.

"We often see fighters pretend not to like each other to help draw an audience - these two guys aren't faking it; they don't like each other at all," said Oscar De La Hoya, CEO and Chairman of Golden Boy Promotions. "Given the thunder each holds in both hands and their desire to make a statement in the middleweight division, I think fans are going to be in for a knockout - and a spectacular one at that."

"This is a fight of the year candidate," said Camille Estephan of Eye of the Tiger Management. "We feel that 2017 is David's year to take over through all the experiences he got in the last little while. He improved by leaps and bounds, we want another world title and this is the next step. We are happy to give the fans what they want they have been asking for this fight-here it is! It is one of those that is best described by the phrase, don't blink."

"The fans have been asking for this fight for a while now, and it's not hard to see why!" said Kathy Duva, CEO of Main Events, promoter for Curtis Stevens. "This fight is a perfect, throwback Boxing After Dark main event and I can't wait to see it!"

Host of this epic event, the Oneida Nation's Turning Stone Resort Casino, an award-winning destination resort, continues to distinguish itself as a premier venue for blockbuster boxing. The March 11th fight will mark Turning Stone's 20th nationally-televised boxing event, who also hosted one of the first MMA events in New York this past October, cementing the resort as a mecca for televised combat sports. Additionally, boxing legend Mike Tyson selected Turning Stone as the venue for his world debut as a promoter, Muhammad Ali's daughter Laila Ali made her boxing debut at Turning Stone and in April 2015, Turning Stone was selected to host "Fight of the Year" contender - Matthysse vs. Provodnivkov - over arenas in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami. Turning Stone features world-class amenities including four hotels, more than 20 signature restaurants and dining options, two luxurious spas, 125,000 square foot Las Vegas style gaming floor, a cabaret-style Showroom, a 5,000 seat arena, five golf courses, several bars, cocktail lounges and nightlife venues. 

Ticket prices, on sale information and the undercard will be announced shortly.

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15-0 Adama Kownackiego po zwycięstwie na Brooklynie

                       Foto: Ed Diller/DiBella Entertainment)


Gervonta Davis Dethrones Jose Pedraza In SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING® Co-Feature
Monday, January 16 At 10 p.m. ET/PT On SHOWTIME EXTREME

BROOKLYN (Jan. 15, 2017) - The No. 1 and No. 2-ranked super middleweights in the world met in a unification to determine the world's best 168-pound fighter Saturday on SHOWTIME.  After two knockdowns and 12 intense, back-and-forth rounds, the distinction as the world's best super middleweight is still up for grabs.
WBC champion Badou Jack (20-1-3, 12 KOs)and IBF titlist James DeGale (23-1-1, 14 KOs) fought to a 12-round majority draw in the main event of SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING in front of 10,128 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  The bout was scored 114-112 (DeGale) and 113-113 twice, and the only clear winner was the sport of boxing and its fans.
Britain's DeGale, making the third defense of his IBF belt, started the drama by flooring Jack with a jab with 30 seconds left in the first round.  But it was back and forth from there in a highly skilled, closely contested battle between the consensus best in the weight class and in the eighth unification bout in division history. 
Jack, making his third title defense, was more effective on the inside and more active, throwing 745 total punches vs. DeGale's 617. 
The pivotal moment in the fight occurred when Jack floored DeGale for the first time in his career with a left-right combo punch midway through the 12th and final round.  Without the 10-8 round, DeGale would have won a unanimous decision. 
"I thought I won the fight. I finished stronger," Jack said.  "His knockdown was a flash knockdown. I won the fight.  He was doing a lot of running. He was throwing a lot of shit at my guard. 
"Let's do it again at light heavyweight. It's time to move to light heavyweight."
DeGale countered: "I've got huge respect for this man, but I thought I won that.  I landed the cleanest shots.  Let's do it again.  Let's do it again in London. 
"He hit me (in the 12th), but I was more off balance.  I respect him.  He's a good, all-around fighter.  Let's go again."
Undefeated 130-pound Floyd Mayweather protégé Gervonta Davis (17-0, 16 KOs) dethroned defending IBF Junior Lightweight World Champion Jose Pedraza (22-1, 12 KOs) with an impressive seventh round TKO (2:36) in the opening bout of SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING.
Davis was supremely accurate from the opening bell, landing an astounding 48 percent of his power punches and 40 percent of his total shots.  Davis won his first title at just 22 years of age, similar to his mentor Mayweather, who picked up his first belt in the same weight class when he was 21. 
Pedraza was making the third defense of his belt, but didn't come out with his traditional "Sniper" game plan of fighting at range and picking apart his opponent.  Davis gained confidence as he connected on the inside, landing at an impressive clip and preventing his Puerto Rican opponent from landing with effective lateral and head movement. 
The Baltimore native hurt Pedraza with a huge left hook to the body in the opening moments of the sixth round, forcing Pedraza to guard his right side while eating repeated combinations with no answer for the onslaught.  Davis landed more than 50 percent of his power shots in the sixth and Pedraza never really recovered.  He was floored in the seventh round by a big right hook, falling to the canvas for the first time in his career.  Pedraza got up, but referee Ricky Gonzalez sensed Pedraza was defeated and immediately halted the contest. 
"I've had experience, I was telling you all that and you didn't believe it," said Davis, who became the youngest reigning world titlist.  "I did the hard work, and us coming out on top, it means a lot.  Having a great boxer and promoter backing me feels great. 
"In this camp, I studied 'Pretty Boy' Floyd, not 'Money.'  I learned to stay composed.  He caught me with some good shots. I took it and I came back out.  That's how you show you're a real dude. 
"I felt that he was laying down.  I caught him one time in the body and he backed up.  My team told me to go back to the body.  My team told me to stay under control and go back to the body." 
Said Mayweather: "For this training camp, I didn't want to be around him.  I didn't want to talk to him. I wanted him to focus so he could go out and be right.  Is this the future of boxing? Abso-f***-lutely."
Pedraza admitted he made a fundamental error in fighting Davis' game. 
"The strategy was to fight him from a distance, but it didn't work out that way," Pedraza said.  "In spurts I did do it, but in the end I was trying to give too much pressure and that didn't work. 
"There was a moment there when I adjusted to the game plan that I wanted, but I kept trying to fight with him and it didn't work. 
"It's no excuse, but I was at 135 pounds and coming down to accept this fight maybe wasn't the right move."
Amanda Serrano (31-1-1, 23 KOs) capitalized on the opportunity to fight in the first women's world title fight on English-language national television in nearly a decade, with a dominating performance in victory. Serrano defended her WBO Junior Featherweight World Championship over former two-division world champion Yazmin Rivas (35-10-1, 10 KOs) via unanimous decision. The judges scored the bout 97-97, 98-92, 99-91. 
Serrano was the busier fighter from the opening bell, and landed nearly the double amount of the punches as her opponent - 206 compared to 107 - while connecting on an impressive 41 percent of her power punches. 
"We knew she was going to come to fight," Serrano said.  "She's a Mexican fighter who's very tough and experienced. I had to show her my power and my skills.  I was glad to get 10-rounds in and I hope the fans enjoyed the fight.
"We wanted the knockout, but I was ready for 10-rounds. People who think I'm just a brawler saw that I'm a great boxer today.   We picked a tough opponent because we wanted to showcase that I can beat good fighters and take a punch if I have to.  I can do everything in the ring.  We wanted the toughest fighter out there and she came to fight.
"It was a great night for women's boxing and I hope it keeps getting bigger and bigger.  We want the best. My goal is to drop to 118 pounds and win a title in my fifth division. I want to fight other champions. My goal is to be the first Puerto Rican to hold world titles in five weight classes."
Rivas disagreed with the decision. 
"It was an excellent fight.  I followed all of the instructions from my corner and I believe that I won," Rivas said.  "I think the last round was very close, but I think I did well in all the rounds.
"I knew everything was against me and to win I had to knock her out. Unfortunately it didn't happen today.  I believe that after this fight, women will have more opportunities to show their skills on television."
In an exciting matchup of undefeated middleweights that saw multiple knockdowns and swings of momentum, Immanuwel Aleem (17-0-1, 10 KOs) defeated previously unbeaten Ievgen Khytrov (14-1, 12 KOs) by sixth-round TKO.
Aleem struck first with a massive overhand right that staggered Khytrov and left him wide-eyed and susceptible to punishment. Aleem pushed forward and continued to land punches, but the Ukrainian was able to stay on his feet to survive the round and return to his corner.
Khytrov recovered brilliantly to win the second round on all three judges' scorecards, including 10-8 in the eyes of one judge. The third round saw an early candidate for Round of the Year in which Aleem dropped Khytrov hard with a strong left hook that put Khytrov down for the first time in his career. Khytrov continued to show incredible resolve as he was able stay on his feet and blast Aleem with a late shot that nearly put Aleem out.
The back-and-forth continued with Khytrov seemingly beginning to take control of the bout until the sixth round when Aleem landed a series of overhand right hands that put Khytrov down again. Khytrov beat the count but Aleem continued to push forward and battered a defenseless Khytrov until referee Eddie Claudio halted the bout 1:20 into round six. Aleem landed 50 percent of his power punches in the bout that was scheduled for 10-rounds.
The opening bout of the telecast saw former title challenger Thomas Dulorme (24-2, 16 KOs) earn a sixth-round TKO victory over Brian Jones (13-7, 7 KOs) in their welterweight contest. In his first bout since signing with Mayweather Promotions, the Puerto Rican-fighter dominated and controlled the fight by landing 46 percent of his power punches.
Big overhand rights and uppercuts did most of the damage early for Dulorme as he staggered Jones in a dominant third round. Dulorme began to work the body shots in as he wore Jones down but missed low repeatedly in round five and had a point deducted from him by referee Shada Murdaugh. Dulorme was able to recover in the next round and used a strong flurry to force the referee to intervene and stop the fight at 1:49 of round six.

Photos from Tom Casino/SHOWTIME, Ed Diller/DiBella Entertainment and Idris Erba/Mayweather Promotions